Lush Haul April 2014

While we were down in Liverpool we popped into the local Lush store for a few treats. I had holiday mentality so I really wanted to spoil myself with a few products I'd had my eye on or wanted to try out.

 photo _DSC3044_zps4d4c59ff.jpg

 photo _DSC3055_zps12c8528c.jpg

I was surprised at how inexpensive the whole haul was. I've seen myself spend upwards of £50 on only a few products in one go, so to get 6 good sized items for less than £35 was awesome.

Feel free to recommend some of your favorite lush products for me to try, or what you think of the ones I've chosen.
I hope you have a brilliant week.   


  1. Have you tried the toothy tabs and deodorant bar already? I'm very curious about those products :)
    I use Tea Tree Water every day. I really love it!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. Yeah, the toothy tabs flavor that I got I find a bit icky, but it's not unbearable, it's just not as 'tasty' as conventional toothpaste, it kind of tastes like herbs /:. And I've been using the deodorant for like a week now and it's working really well, sometimes leaves a white residue if I forget to rub it in properly but it's kept odor at bay so I'm happy x


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