30 before 30

So, my beautiful friend Jayde recently put up a post about 30 things she wanted to do before she turned 30, and it got me thinking about what I'd put on my list. I've just turned 21 so I have just under a decade until I turn 30, and that really doesn't seem long, but at the same time, it feels like it'll be ages. 

I have actually achieved a lot of what I wanted to be by 21, and I'm pretty content and proud of my life right now. Aaannd, I was recently talking to a work friend about the law of attraction, and she told me that if you write a list of things you want out of a job or house or whatever,  really think it through and write with intention to do, then you will attract the means to do it and get what it is you want. 

Soo, here's my list of 30 things I would like to achieve before I turn 30. 
  1. Live in London
  2. Visit New York
  3. Be paid to travel for journalism/photography
  4. Take mum to Rio
  5. Drive a Vespa
  6. Get engaged 
  7. Get at least two (out of five) tattoos
  8. Visit Japan
  9. Go back to Dublin
  10. Learn another language
  11. Own and maintain a full set of make-up brushes
  12. Stop biting nails
  13. Visit Morocco
  14. Go to a Zoo/wildlife preserve
  15. Learn to drive
  16. Live abroad
  17. Earn a first aid qualification
  18. Be able to meditate for 10 minutes comfortably
  19. Improve knowledge of/properly learn BSL
  20. Travel alone
  21. Pay off student debt
  22. Own a VW campervan
  23. Go on a holiday with friends
  24. Graduate Uni
  25. Make a feature length film
  26. Be a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding
  27. Have a pet cat/dog
  28. Learn to surf/scuba dive
  29. Hold crow pose
  30. Have a career I can be proud of
Have a great week.

Lush Stirling Bloggers Event

A couple of weeks ago, the wonderful people down at Lush in Stirling held a bloggers event to introduce local bloggers to the treatments available at Lush spas.

Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15

They took us around the store and taught us a bit about the background of the company, as well as telling us a bit more about what goes into creating all the lovely lush products.

I have a couple of products that are my favorites and that I'm loyal to, but this really opened my eyes to some of the other things that Lush offer that I've never tried, like the perfumes. And even some new products I didn't know they had introduced, there's a few of them that I can't wait to try.

Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15

Then they showed us the full product range and let us test a couple of the masks and scrubs, recommended specifically for our individual needs. It was great because it really allowed us to learn about what ingredients are best for certain skin types, or help combat any of our skincare issues. 

What I love about Lush is that the employees all really know their stuff, and they never hesitate to help you find a product that's suited for what you need.

Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15
Spring '15

And then, of course, we were introduced to a couple of the ladies who work at the Lush Spa in Edinburgh, who told us a bit more about the treatments they offer, and even gave us a taster of one of the new relaxing chocolate massages. Yes, chocolate, it was heaven.

I left wanting to book a treatment for me and everyone that I know. They offer such a great selection of packages, it's hard to pick which one to try first. 

Have you ever been to a Lush Spa? What did you get done?
What would you recommend?

Have a fantastic week.

Spring Pinspiration

Just a few wee things from Pinterest that get me excited and inspired for spring.

 Labneh with different flavors.
When is rains look for rainbows. When it's dark look for stars.
takashi yomiya.Everything about this is gorgeous. Hair + Makeup...
Pressed flower tattoo. Small, realistic looking, delicate and pretty. I need this. I need it now.
BLEACH London"You're the Only One" by Twinklemittens.
flowers in the doorwayPolka dot collar.
Animals in Teacups Blank Greeting Card Set by TwoBlackCatsStudio, $20.00

Hope you have an amazing week.

Exploring Scotland: Mountains, seasides, and forests

So, I recently managed to get a couple of days off, and I decided to jump on a train to the north of Scotland to visit my parents for the weekend. When I know I'm only there for a quick wee visit, we like to make sure to go on nice days out, and get lots of photos. Here's what we got up to, via Instagram.

A walk in the forest.

A photo posted by Kayleigh (@wonderchebs) on

A video posted by Kayleigh (@wonderchebs) on

A photo posted by Kayleigh (@wonderchebs) on

A photo posted by Kayleigh (@wonderchebs) on

Travelling through the mountains
A photo posted by Kayleigh (@wonderchebs) on

A video posted by Kayleigh (@wonderchebs) on

A quick stop by the sea

A video posted by Kayleigh (@wonderchebs) on

What I love about Scotland is the variety of landscapes, in the space of an hour you can see mountains, fields, forests, and beautiful beaches. I'm always so grateful to have these beautiful surroundings to visit whenever I feel like I need to get back to nature.

Share some of the best things about where you're from, or a beautiful place you've visited, so I can get ideas for my next adventure. Most of all, have a great week.

Suit up and cute up | Spring style

This week marks the official start of Spring, and it's couldn't come any sooner. The weather has hardly been spring sunshine, but the days are brighter, and the flowers are coming out, so hopefully it's only going to get nicer from here on out

Here's a pick of some of my favorite UK, and independent brands, that are serving up super cute spring fashion, that really gets me excited and inspired for the new season.

Dahlia Cecilia Pink Floral Print Smock Dress with Bell Sleeves
Dinosaur Print Jumpsuit Multicolour
Cat Eye Gold Frame Sunglasses with Brown Lens
Dahlia Frankie Blue Oversized Drop Shoulder Swearshirt with Side Pockets
Four Collar Pleat Dress Ivory
Onyx Square Stone Necklace in Gold by Black Bones Jewellery
Dahlia Ellie Drop Waist Collar Dress with Contrast Pleated Cuff
Dinosaur Crop Shirt Monochrome
Cat Eye Gold and Tortoise Sunglasses
Dahlia Charlotte Pink Blouse with Pleat Hem and Cuffs
Pleat Pinafore
Mustard 60's Two Piece by Cloclothes
Dahlia Premium Hampstead Black Lace Shift Dress with Contrast Scallop Collar
Button-Cuff Angel Dress Pink
Lace Triangle Bra in Dove White by Sierra May
Dahlia Emma Grey Neoprene Pleated Skater Skirt with Contrast Waistband
Contrast Collar Keyhole Smock Top
Symmetry Necklace by Custom Made
Dahlia Lima Brown Cat Shaped Wooden Box Clutch Bag

I apologise again for the lack of posts recently, I'll try my best to post at least once a week until I've got the time to properly get back into blogging.
Hope you're all well, and have a wonderful week. 

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