Aromatherapy for stress and anxiety

amphora aromatics

As you know, I recently reviewed the book Aromatherapy in Practice, and I really wanted to try out some of the blends, so I treated myself to a new oil burner and a wee selection of essential oils from Amphora Aromatics


I'm back at college during the week and working full days on the weekends. I've had to travel and work long hours doing photo shoots, so I've been kept really busy and I've noticed myself starting to feel run down. Not only that, but my anxiety has been coming back and making me feel kind of low, so I thought it was about time I started taking better care of myself, and get into a healthy routine. I'm trying to get back into my regular yoga practice, eat healthier, and I thought some calming aromatherapy would help too.  


I've been wanting a new oil burner for a while and this one was perfect, I liked that it is a bit taller than the others, and it lets off a beautiful glowing pattern when it's lit. The blend I used was from the book and was created to helps to calm the mind. You simply light a candle in the burner, fill the bowl with water and add 2 drops of each oil. This blend called for Lavender, Frankincense, and Neroli, which help you to instantly relax and de-stress. It smells lovely, and it's great to burn in the evening as you're winding down to go to sleep.


Amphora Aromatics has a great selection, with oils for as little as £3, so I highly recommend checking them out if you're interested in building up a collection. I'm planning to use this blend
every evening and I'm confident that I'll see a difference, as I know how much aromatherapy has helped me in the past. 

Let me know of any other blends you use to relax.

I hope you've had a great start to the week.

Exploring Scotland: Down the beach

When I was up north a couple of weeks ago, the weather was miserable but as often as we could, we'd take a trip to the beach because the sea was wild and beautiful and we wanted to make the most of it. 
I forgot to put photos up at the time, so I thought I'd share them now.


I was brought up by the sea on the Scottish coastline, and I didn't realise how important it was to me until I moved away to a place with no water. I miss being by the sea so much, every time I go back home now I try to make time to spend at the beach and enjoy the beautiful views and the power of nature. 

Top 5 Travel Destinations

I've always loved to travel, and if I could I'd visit somewhere new at every opportunity. Unfortunately, with work and college commitments, that's not possible. Not to mention how expensive it can be. I know it's a luxury that not a lot of people have. We didn't go on a lot of holidays when I was a child. As a family, we went abroad once, and my parents had to save up really hard for that. Most years for us a holiday meant a 5 hour car ride to visit our grandparents or a couple of nights camping in the Summer holidays. Don't get me wrong, it was great, and we always had fun and made a lot of lovely memories, but holidays have always been a luxury for us, and it's not something I take for granted. When I was in high school, I got the opportunity to go to Disneyland, Dublin, and London. That's when my real love for traveling began.

Now that I've moved away from home and I'm making my own money, I can afford to travel a bit more often. I had planned to go on a weekend away at least every three months this year. In January, I went to London for the second time, and fell in love with it just as much as I did the first time. In April, Scott and I went on a trip to Liverpool and Manchester, neither of us had been before and we've got some great memories of both cities now. Other than I trip to the north of Scotland to visit my family, I didn't manage to get away in the summer, which kind of foiled my plan. In the Autumn I'd like to get away for even a few days, but my grumpy-chops boyfriend doesn't want to, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see. However, my fantastic mum and I are planning a little holiday to France in the winter, which had got my travel excitement buzzing again.

I love planning holidays, I love looking through hotel recommendations and getting the best deals on flights. I love buying new luggage, planning outfits and getting travel-sized toiletries. I love the idea of being able to explore a city or country that I've never been to before, and take lots of photos of the beautiful and unique details. Most of the time I look for holidays that I know I can't afford to go on, not at the time anyway. I just like to dream. Sometimes I manage to make those dreams into a reality, but I know a lot of the time it's just fantasy. It's still fun to imagine though, right? 

The last few trips away that I've done, I managed to get great deals on the hotel through We used it when we went to Liverpool, and when I had to stay overnight in Glasgow. I'm building up reward points so I can get a free night. I'm a total sucker for reward cards and schemes. I feel like I'm getting a prize at the end, haha. It's been really reliable and straight forward, so I'm happy to keep going back to them.
Anyway, here's a wishlist of some of the places I'd like to visit in my lifetime.

New York City, USA
I know, what a cliche, but as someone who grew up watching Friends, and has watched The Devil Wears Prada about a dozen times, I can't not have a desire to see New York. I'm a sucker for American sit-coms, 50 Rock, The Mindy Project, Suits, they all make New York look so exciting. I just feel like I have to see it once in my life. I secretly fear that I'll hate it, and it won't live up to my expectations. Or even worse, I'll fall in love and never want to come back.

only started to appeal to me over the last few years. The landscape isn't that much different from Scotland, and the climate is even colder, but the natural springs and beautiful skies are something I'd love to experience first hand. Due to it not being a super popular holiday destination, flights seem to be pretty expensive, so I think it's one I'd have to save a long time for.

Bali, Indonesia 
Yes, okay, Bali was brought to my attention by Eat Pray Love, I admit it. It just looks like such a beautiful county. I'd really like to do a trip where I get to visit Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores and Komodo but I know that chances are that'll never happen. I had a picture in my head of how Bali would look, but then one of my friends told me about a holiday they went there, and it wasn't at all how I imagined. I'd still like to experience it for myself though.

La Spezia or Amalfi, Italy 
For years, these coastlines have been on my wishlist. I mean, look, it's stunning. Although, I'd like to brush up on my Italian first, so, it could be a while. I always thought it would be a very romantic place to visit, so it's definitely a contender for Honeymoon locations, but even if not, I imagine it'd be a great place for photos because of all the beautiful colorful houses and meandering streets. 

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
My mum has always wanted to visit Rio, and one day I'd love to be able to take her. I know that there's a lot of injustice and poverty in the country, and with the World Cup haven taken place there this year, I think it'd be far too expensive and probably dangerous to take a trip any time soon. I'd love to see the Carnival, and the drag queens. I'd love to hear the music, dance, eat, and party. One day, hopefully. 

Eventually, I'd love to have a career which allows me to travel the world and experience new places. There are hundreds and thousands of places I'd like to visit, but I couldn't possibly mention them all. To be honest, I don't really mind where I go, I'll make the most of being there. 

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Where have you been and loved? Where would you reccomend?

Back to Uni Wishlist

The summer has flown in, and I'm heading back to college this week. It's a new academic year, a new season, and the same old procrastination techniques. Anyway, seeing as my student loan is about to come in, I've been dreaming of all the new things I can buy, and maybe I'll actually be able to get some of the stuff I've kept in various websites checkout baskets for about a month now. Come on, I know I'm not the only one.
Image 1 of ASOS Reclaimed Stripe TopImage 4 of ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Skater Skirt in Star Burst Print
Image 1 of ASOS Denim Effect Tube PantsImage 1 of ASOS Skater Biker Coat With Detachable Faux Fur Collar
Image 1 of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania T-Shirt With Orb Logo PrintImage 1 of New Look Brush Stroke Shift Dress
Image 3 of New Look Check Boyfriend ShirtImage 1 of Coopers for ASOS Black Wax Biker Jacket
Image 1 of ASOS TALL Pleated Skater SkirtImage 4 of ASOS TALL Clean Peg Trousers
Image 1 of ASOS Rib SnoodImage 4 of ASOS TALL Stripe Jumper With Heart Elbow Patch
Image 1 of ASOS Chunky Metal Keeper Super Skinny Waist And Hip BeltImage 1 of ASOS Oversized White Base Tobacco Check Square Scarf
Vegan Megan Textured Rectangle BagHand Printed Notebook
Eco Cup

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes: Image 01Bunny Shaped Lamp

Half And Half Floral & Check Stole
That't not even half of it. Oh dear.

Hope you're having a good week.
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