An ode to freckles | Loving yourself

I always forget how freckly I get in the summer, freckles popping up all over the place.

I used to hate my freckles so much, I thought they made me ugly. I wanted to bleach my skin because I thought it would get rid of them. I used to try to cover them and hide them with make-up, but they'd always show through, and I hated it. 

As I got older I just realised that the features that you're born with, you are often stuck with, and yes, you can get surgery or specialist treatments to change them, but for most people, they're with you for life. And it's probably true for other people, the same way it was true for me, that the thing I hated and obsessed over, bothered me way more than anyone else. Sometimes people were mean, but more often that not, people didn't care, or didn't even really notice.

Everyone is different, with different features and insecurities. If you chose to embrace the unique part of yourself, and chose to love it instead of hate it, you begin to see yourself as beautiful instead of ugly. 

I love my freckles now, not many people I know have as many freckles as me. A lot of people in my family have freckles, so I feel like my freckles are like my family markings. I enjoy them, and chose to see them as marks of beauty.

My point is, whether you want to look conventionally beautiful, define your own kind of beauty, or reject the concept of beauty all together, I think everyone should just do what makes them feel good and comfortable with themselves. If you can accept and love the thing that makes you different, then no-one can make you feel bad for it. 

Life would be so boring if everyone looked the same. Enjoy and express yourself in the way you look, embrace what you can't change, because the thing that makes you different is the thing that makes you special. 

Natural Travel Aids

So, I've been trying to get organised for moving to Japan at the end of the month. I think I've got everything I need (I've done more online shopping in the past month than I ever have before in my life), and so now I just need to get around to actually packing everything. 

I'm obviously really excited about this trip, because it's going to be such an amazing experience. However, I'm a little anxious about the initial travelling, because I've never been this far away before.

I'm determined not to let my nerves about the journey ruin the overall experience, so I've found a couple of natural, handy, travel-sized travel aids to help me stay calm and enjoy the ride. 

When my anxiety was at it's worst, and I was struggling to sleep, I used to use these all the time, just to help me drift off. I think they acted like more of a placebo than anything else, but they worked, so I always remember to keep some handy when I'm going away for the weekend, or I know I'm going to have to sleep somewhere unfamiliar, as it'll help me relax. 

We actually bought this for my mum because she gets very bad travel anxiety when having to be in a car for any length of time, as the natural flower essence is supposed to relieve anxious feelings, travel sickness, and fatigue. It's similar to Rescue Remedy, in that you spray it in your mouth and the natural ingredients help you out. I decided to take a bottle with me for my journey to help me stay clam, balanced, and refreshed for my long plane ride. 

I swear by this product. I used it religiously when my anxiety was really high, and it became a very calming and reassuring scent which helped me to become more peaceful in my daily life. I'm a strong believer in aromatherapy after that, so I knew that I had to pick up a new bottle of this to help me feel safe and calm for my entire trip.

I didn't want to get any strong, or prescription drugs to knock me out, because I want to be able to enjoy the journey, and also, I need to be able to get off the plane, travel to where I'm staying, and be in a good enough state to meet my new boss and colleagues without feeling groggy. 

I know my body, and I know that simple, natural remedies work for me, and more importantly, I really enjoy and prefer using them. So, I'm really excited to try out these products and see how well they work. If you have any other recommendations for long haul flights then let me know.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

CosmEthics - Your Personal Guide to Safe Cosmetics

So, I recently found out about this handy app called CosmEthics. As I've mentioned on here before, I'm interested in knowing what ingredients go into my beauty products, and I try my best to support  natural, vegan and cruelty free brands. The only problem is that it can be difficult and time consuming to research every product before you use it,especially if you don't understand some of the ingredients, or there's not a lot of information about the brand.

That's where CosmEthics comes in. To be honest, I'm surprised nobody thought of it sooner, because it's an extremely useful app, which lets you search products, and tells you if there's any nasty chemicals in it. You can personalise the alerts to suit your own tastes, for instance if you're allergic to a specific ingredient, or are vegan, or avoiding harsh chemicals. It allows you to identify which products best suit your needs, and which ones are unsafe or unusable for you.

It really takes the headache out of switching over to natural or cf products, because a lot of the work is done for you. It's available on IOS and Android in the EU, and super simple to use. You can create a wishlist, or hotlist of your favorite products, and you also have to option to have alternative products suggested for you, if the one you're searching for comes up with an alert.

I highly recommend checking it out, I think it's a super handy tool, and great for learning more about the ingredients in your beauty products.

If you get it, let me know what you think. And feel free to recommend any good natural brands you think I'd like. 

Hope you all have a great week.


Travel | Summer travel wishlist

So, it's not long now until I embark on my wee adventure, moving to Japan for the summer. I'll be living in the countryside for a lot of the time, and taking wee trips to the cities whenever I can. Seeing as this is going to be a totally new experience for me, I want to make sure I'm prepared.
So I've compiled a list of all the wee things I think it'll need for travelling to make the journey as fun and easy as possible.

Big BackpackImage 3 of Melissa Flox Black Strappy Flat Sandals
Backpack and sandals
Travel Blue USB Power Bank 5200 mAh for Android/Smartphone
Plugs and chargers

Image 1 of ASOS Retro Swimmers Passport CoverImage 1 of ASOS Novelty Make Up Bag & Eye Mask Set

Passport cover and make-up/eyemask kit

Travel Blue Flight Mate Pressure-Reducing Ear PlugsBuy Nikon AF-S DX 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED VR II NIKKOR Lens from Jessops

Earplugs and DSLR lens

Eye mask and travel socks

Mini hairdryer and washing bag

Mini fan and neck pillow

Mini straighteners and insect repellent

Tripod and folding mirror

If you have any other products that you recommend then please, please let me know.

I hope you have a wonderful week.
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